Bring Uns Deinen Stein

Träum Weiter!-Festival, Chemnitz, 2021. Performance in public space, car, construction trailer, live radio station

For four days, Art Ashram is occupying a square between the concrete blocks of Chemnitz and inviting to a utopian contest: Bring the best stone and win, yet again, a car. A fully working Renault Meganè Cabrio (as seen in the Britney Spears video "Hit me baby one more time") is waiting for a new owner. We host the live pirate radio "Karl Marx FM" from a construction trailer and transmit not only the specifications of the new contesters, but also the stories behind them. They also become part of our car tuning. Accompanied with stone ASMR, tuning tips and the best songs about cars and stones, the highlight of our radio show was of course the jury session with discussions about categories for decision making. Congrats safe driving to our final winner, Lydia Thomas.

Participating artists: Klara Adam, Sina Ahlers, Florian Dietrich, Georg Scherlin and Markus Zimmermann.