Club of Unesco, 2020. Performance, 3D-animation, holographic display, 3-channel video installation with sound. A project of Art Ashram together with Klara Adam, Florian Dietrich, Adrian Gutzelnig, Max Kubitschek and Georg Scherlin


Art Ashram disguised itself as "Club of Unesco" and performed the service of Digitalisation in rural areas: Equipped with uniforms, a robot and a company car, we rang the doorbells. We asked for a sacrifice towards the digital heritage. Each object was transformed into the virtual sphere by a 360┬░ 3D-scan. Thus becoming obsolete in the physical world, we destroyed the body of the object at the doorstep. We celebrated the goodbye with a glass of Eierlik├Âr (egg-liquor, it's a German thing). The robot, half analogue and half digital, was our agent between the worlds and helped mediating. It also inherited the scanning platform as well as the destruction tools and a crematorium. We presented our archive of over 30 objects in an exhibition at the local ballroom. Holographic projections and oversized, rotating objects danced their last dance on the wooden walls.