Der Parcours braucht Cola!

3. Berlin Britzenale, 2021. Performance and architecture, approx. 4x2x4,50cm. Soil, LED-sign, kettle, tea from garden herbs.

In this installation made entirely out of soil, Art Ashram is raising the question of climate-neutral art. In an abandoned allotment-garden, a construction site is enacted. An earth quarry, brick factory to mortar pit are installed and people are invited to construct a speculative architecture. The landscape garden changes over the course of one week from the Minaret of Samarra to Sardinian Nouraghes, Nader Khalili's Eco-Domes and back. The installation is self-degrading.

Participating artists: Klara Adam, Nelli David, Florian Dietrich, Adrian Gutzelnig, Diana Righini, Georg Scherlin and Markus Zimmermann.

Copyright Picture 1, 2, 4, 5: Piotr Pietrus