Guesthouse, 2018. Raku-Burn-Performance with various ceramic objects, pizza dough and a self-made kiln. A project of Art Ashram together with: Klara Adam, Omar Alshaer, Elisa Bauer, Nelli David, Florian Dietrich, Reto Pulfer, Dachil Sado, Georg Scherlin

A collective attempt in the search for antique burning methods for ceramics: Using sun and a campfire, eating Pizza and going to swim. We fired up our barrel-kiln for several hours using small wood chips to reach 900°C. We constructed kiln pliers to rescue the glowing shards in the nightly sky. We dropped them into sawdust and cooled them in water. After the smoke disappeared, we were left with shiny relicts of a not too far past.

Scanned collages by Klara Adam.