"Es liegt in der Luft was Idiotisches
Es liegt in der Luft was Hypnotisches” - Schiffer und Spoliansky

The sense of smell is a basic function of the human body. It helps us decide what fruit to eat, which places to stay clear of and which partner to mate with. It constantly processes information, even when we sleep, while unconsiuosly influencing our emotions and memories. In this workshop, we are looking deeper into the phenomena of smell. We are taking olfactory walks in the neighbourhood. We'll distill whatever we find, and preserve it. We'll recreate smells of you memories and peek into modern perfumery.

Illustration on top taken from: Paul Jellinek, Die Psychologischen Grundlagen Der Parfümerie, 1951

The NASELAB - Workshop from 29.08.–07.09.18 at Schmiede Hallein. Together with Bartholomäus Traubeck.