Spielclub Oranienstraße 25

Spielclub Oranienstraße 25 is an experimental playground that takes the architecture from the street (Oranienstraße) inside a gallery space: copyshop, concert location, late-night-shop, fallow, design hotel, bank and much more turn into a research lab for children on how we want to live together. Based on the concept of antagonists and protago- nists from the theater of the oppressed, they step into different roles: carpenters, city cleaners, doctors, of ce workers, retired persons, journalists, shop owners, and even a major – each with their own goals. For this symbolic model city we printed a currency, the “Öro” and more documents like permits, bills, rental contracts, etc. Different school classes are playing every weekday from 16th Nov 2019 until 19th Jan 2020. Instead of the illusions of the toy industry, this realistic play environment is a space where they can acquire self-confidence to handle the challenges of everyday life. It is intended to devise ways to deal with current urban development issues in Berlin and especailly in the Oranienstraße, for example, housing policy, rent levels and participation in movements for social change. A project together with Valeria Fahrenkrog, Marcos Garcia Perez, Moritz Gramming, Katharina von Hagenow and Claudia Hummel and many more. My responsibilities include the dramaturgy, game development, game direction, architecture design and interior design.