To Heal The Broken With A Broken Something, Part I + II

Foundation B.A.D & een Kunstcentrum, Rotterdam, 2021. Earth-eating performance and exhibition.

Art Ashram proudly presents the edible earth pill as the newest product of medical geology! We concentrated the soil architecture from the 3. Britzenale (see: Der Parcours braucht Cola!) into a small bits of well-being! Approved by a Swiss laboratory, which analysed and tested the soil, we were able to transform the process-orientated geometry, cleaning any negative (capitalistic-egoistic) energy in your body an and replace it with positive (collective-homogenised) radiation. Eaten from a fingernail, it cures defects caused by polluted environment by developing highly active stem cells for self-healing. Also good against diarrhea. Available in the Art Ashram Online Shop.

Participating artists: Klara Adam, Diana Righini, Florian Dietrich, Georg Scherlin and Markus Zimmermann.